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Actress • Los Angeles

About Susan Slome

Susan Slome is a native Los Angeleno who, according to her mother, has been a natural performer from the moment she was born. Unlike other babies whose first words were “mama” and “dada”, Susan’s first words were “me” and “ta-da!”. She has always had a big, bold personality and got into more than one squabble on the playground because she accused another child of “blocking her light.” Allegedly.

Susan has appeared on over 50 television shows and movies with Grey’s Anatomy, The Mentalist, and Friends being a few of her own personal favorites. She loved going toe-to-toe with Hugh Laurie on Fox’s critically acclaimed House, M.D. and was delighted to be Chris Messina’s worst nightmare at the DMV on The Mindy Project.

Susan Slome is not just an actress but a true artist with a very natural style who excels at both drama and comedy and is especially skilled at combining the two so that you find yourself trying to contain your side-splitting laughter one minute and drying your tears the next. She is a consummate professional who is an asset to have on any set. She sees herself as but one piece in an intricate puzzle and knows that true genius is always a collaborative effort. She treats each and every one of her co-workers with the utmost respect, which is why she is so beloved not only by her fellow actors but by directors, producers, hair and make-up artists, and craft service personnel as well.

Everybody loves Susan Slome.

Just ask her and she’ll tell you so.